Dakota RV Unit Inventoryhttp://www.dakotarv.com/All units entered in inventory for Dakota RVSat, 23 Jun 2018 13:13:41 UTDakota RV Unit Inventoryhttps://media.rvusa.com/pictures/thumbs/dakotarv.jpghttp://www.dakotarv.com/2019 Winnebago View 24D - Stock #41886https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-view-24d-New-class-c-sd-i2346267Stock #41886 - This economical and efficient Mercedes turbo diesel will keep you on the road longer, for less money. New floor plan has a Murphy bed so when you're not using it, just fold up for couch underneath and more floor space.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-view-24d-New-class-c-sd-i2346267Thu, 21 Jun 2018 15:58:34 UT1999 Jayco Designer 2930RK - Stock #41782Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/1999-jayco-designer-2930rk-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i2343853Stock #41782A - This rear kitchen fifth wheel is in good condition with a custom interior paint job.https://www.dakotarv.com/1999-jayco-designer-2930rk-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i2343853Fri, 15 Jun 2018 18:14:07 UT2018 Winnebago Minnie Plus 30RLSS - Stock #41866https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-minnie-plus-30rlss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2335454Stock #41866 - This comfortable fiberglass sided travel trailer has all the features to keep you comfortable and the extreme weather package allows you to camp into the colder weather. https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-minnie-plus-30rlss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2335454Fri, 01 Jun 2018 19:44:13 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie 2500RL - Stock #41882https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-2500rl-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2335449Stock #41882 - This popular rear sofa floor plan is the perfect layout with the booth slide out, island queen front bed and still under 28'https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-2500rl-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2335449Fri, 01 Jun 2018 19:22:41 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie Plus 26RBSS - Stock #41883https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-plus-26rbss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2335435Stock #41883 - Redesigned fiberglass sided rear bathroom travel trailer with the sofa across from entertainment center! Large bathroom, private front island queen bed and extreme weather package so you can camp in the colder weather.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-plus-26rbss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2335435Fri, 01 Jun 2018 18:33:30 UT2012 K-Z Spree 261RKS - Stock #C1123https://www.dakotarv.com/2012-k-z-spree-261rks-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2334689Stock #C1123 - This lightweight fiberglass sided travel trailer has nice size slide out and an island queen bed with 2 entry doors. It's in great shape and also has heated enclosed underbelly to help extend your camping season.https://www.dakotarv.com/2012-k-z-spree-261rks-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2334689Thu, 31 May 2018 23:33:07 UT2016 Heartland RV Pioneer RB 220 - Stock #41708Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2016-heartland-rv-pioneer-rb-220-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2334653Stock #41708A - This mid size travel trailer has the island queen bed, spacious bathroom and in great condition.https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-heartland-rv-pioneer-rb-220-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2334653Thu, 31 May 2018 22:51:23 UT2016 Winnebago Grand Tour 42QL - Stock #C1125https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-winnebago-grand-tour-42ql-Used-diesel-pusher-sd-i2333232Stock #C1125 - The full wall slide out with the opposing slide outs gives you a spacious and open floor plan.  This Diesel Pusher Motor Home is in extremely good condition, low miles and custom features.  A MUST see to appreciate!https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-winnebago-grand-tour-42ql-Used-diesel-pusher-sd-i2333232Tue, 29 May 2018 16:45:51 UT2014 Itasca Meridian 34B - Stock #41857Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2014-itasca-meridian-34b-Used-diesel-pusher-sd-i2328706Stock #41857A - You're gong to love this full wall slide out with opposing slide outs!  Very spacious, low miles and very good condition.https://www.dakotarv.com/2014-itasca-meridian-34b-Used-diesel-pusher-sd-i2328706Sat, 19 May 2018 19:56:16 UT2009 Newmar Dutch Star DSDP3623 - Stock #C1120https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-newmar-dutch-star-dsdp3623-New-diesel-pusher-sd-i2328686Stock #C1120 - https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-newmar-dutch-star-dsdp3623-New-diesel-pusher-sd-i2328686Sat, 19 May 2018 18:37:38 UT2019 Open Range Light 291RLS - Stock #41880https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-open-range-light-291rls-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2325650Stock #41880 - Nice open floor plan with all the ammenities of home! exterior grill and bike rack just to name a few extras.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-open-range-light-291rls-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2325650Tue, 15 May 2018 18:04:23 UT2018 K-Z Escape E160RBT - Stock #41856Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-escape-e160rbt-Used-expandable-trailer-sd-i2320377Stock #41856A - Just like brand new! This expandable has queen beds on each end and plenty of room inbetween.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-escape-e160rbt-Used-expandable-trailer-sd-i2320377Mon, 07 May 2018 19:23:34 UT2016 Open Range Journeyer 340FLR - Stock #C1121https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-open-range-journeyer-340flr-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2316616Stock #C1121 - Plenty of space in this winter friendly travel trailer!  Opposing slide outs and island counter on wheels opens up the floor space.  This camper is in great condition.https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-open-range-journeyer-340flr-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2316616Sat, 28 Apr 2018 18:42:52 UT2019 Highland Ridge Open Range Ultra Lite UT2510BH - Stock #41879https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-highland-ridge-open-range-ultra-lite-ut2510bh-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2315350Stock #41879 - This travel trailer has an island bed for parents and bunk house for kids. Dinette slide out gives you more floor space to use. 2 air conditioners for summer and thermal package for cooler months.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-highland-ridge-open-range-ultra-lite-ut2510bh-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2315350Thu, 26 Apr 2018 14:47:56 UT2019 K-Z Connect C241RLK - Stock #41874https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-connect-c241rlk-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2310673Stock #41874 - This lightweight camper has great room inside and entertainment outside with exterior speakers and kitchen.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-connect-c241rlk-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2310673Mon, 16 Apr 2018 17:37:11 UT2019 K-Z Sportsmen 190THLE - Stock #41878https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-190thle-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2309134Stock #41878 - Take your toys with you and have additional living space when they are unloaded. Solar panel and backup camera prepped along with heated, enclosed and insulated underbelly for cooler days out "off the grid".https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-190thle-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2309134Thu, 12 Apr 2018 21:08:20 UT2019 K-Z Sportsmen 270THLE - Stock #41876https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-270thle-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2307080Stock #41876 - Check out this new fiberglass sided toy hauler floor plan with the private front bedroom. Take your toys and go have some fun!https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-270thle-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2307080Tue, 10 Apr 2018 18:16:47 UT2019 K-Z Sportster 260TH - Stock #41875https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportster-260th-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2307078Stock #41875 - This versatile toy hauler has a 9' 6" cargo area with color infused exterior fiberglass. Upgraded with larger A/C, Generator prep and a fuel tank & pump for your toys!https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportster-260th-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2307078Tue, 10 Apr 2018 18:15:47 UT2016 K-Z Sportsmen Show Stopper S242SBHSS - Stock #41713https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-k-z-sportsmen-show-stopper-s242sbhss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2307073Stock #41713 - This ever popular small fiberglass sided bunk bed travel trailer has the slide out to give you extra space. https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-k-z-sportsmen-show-stopper-s242sbhss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2307073Tue, 10 Apr 2018 18:04:47 UT2018 Highland Ridge Open Range OF337RLS - Stock #41872https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-highland-ridge-open-range-of337rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2302436Stock #41872 - This popular floor plan has moved on up to the Open Range line up giving you an 18 cubic foot refrigerator and heat w/ massage theatre seats. It also has taller ceilings and deeper slide outs making this an awesome fifth wheel.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-highland-ridge-open-range-of337rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2302436Fri, 30 Mar 2018 14:57:52 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie Drop 170S - Stock #41870https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-drop-170s-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2291290Stock #41870 - Aerodynamic & easy towing. Kitchen slide out gives more floor space, great ammenities with a full dry bathroom.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-drop-170s-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2291290Mon, 12 Mar 2018 20:11:25 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M - Stock #41868https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-winnie-22m-New-class-c-sd-i2288892Stock #41868 - This new floor plan has a rear bedroom slide out for more room and all the amenities of a large motorhome. Cabover bunk & u-shaped dinette converts into a bed for additional company to stay comfortable. https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-winnie-22m-New-class-c-sd-i2288892Wed, 07 Mar 2018 14:56:26 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31G - Stock #41867https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-winnie-31g-New-class-c-sd-i2288597Stock #41867 - You'll be amazed at the amount of room you have when the full wall slide out is extended! The two bunks have a seperate TV in hallway, kitchen/dining area has great floor space and modern gray colors. https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-winnie-31g-New-class-c-sd-i2288597Tue, 06 Mar 2018 22:04:23 UT2008 Dynamax Corp Dynaquest ST 260ST - Stock #41860Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2008-dynamax-corp-dynaquest-st-260st-Used-class-c-sd-i2270531Stock #41860A - This Super C Diesel Mini Home has sink and bathroom at rear entry door and central living/dining. Exterior trunk at rear of unit for your extra storage. Well taken care of and priced under NADA base price!https://www.dakotarv.com/2008-dynamax-corp-dynaquest-st-260st-Used-class-c-sd-i2270531Wed, 07 Feb 2018 15:37:55 UT2018 K-Z Connect C261RB - Stock #41863https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-connect-c261rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2231324Stock #41863 - New floor plan with bright, cozy interior and lots of storage. Climate package and solar prep will make you want to stay out longer.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-connect-c261rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2231324Mon, 15 Jan 2018 20:16:19 UT2019 K-Z Spree 302FKF - Stock #41864https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-spree-302fkf-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2231301Stock #41864 - This unit has a front kitchen with large window, great floor plan with lots of storage.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-spree-302fkf-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2231301Mon, 15 Jan 2018 18:48:31 UT2018 Highland Ridge Open Range OF348RLS - Stock #41859https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-highland-ridge-open-range-of348rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2212686Stock #41859 - This ever popular floor plan now has opposing deep slide out and 7' interior head room in the slide outs.  This makes a very spacious and open floor plan. With the 4 season package you can comfortably stay in cold weather as long as you like.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-highland-ridge-open-range-of348rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2212686Tue, 26 Dec 2017 17:22:24 UT2019 K-Z Sportsmen 240THLE - Stock #41855https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-240thle-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2212667Stock #41855 - This fiberglass sided toy hauler has added ammenities with a queen size murphy bed for versatility and more floor space. Retractable screen wall at garage ramp lets in the fresh air without the bugs!https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-240thle-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2212667Tue, 26 Dec 2017 15:48:52 UT2018 K-Z Durango 1500 SPORT D270RLD - Stock #41854https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-sport-d270rld-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2212665Stock #41854 - This Durango Sport has style in a price efficient package for families. High gloss, color infused fiberglass sidewalls, rear power stabilizer jacks and storage on outside with ample room and comfort on inside!https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-sport-d270rld-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2212665Tue, 26 Dec 2017 15:16:41 UT2018 K-Z Durango 1500 D281RLT - Stock #41853https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-d281rlt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208833Stock #41853 - Plenty of room for guests inside and out with exterior entertainment center, outside fridge, open interior floor plan and a gel foam mattress at the end of your day.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-d281rlt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208833Fri, 22 Dec 2017 17:13:52 UT2018 K-Z Durango 1500 D280BHS - Stock #41852https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-d280bhs-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208713Stock #41852 - Great floor plan with 2 additional queen bunk beds! All the storage you need with outside kitchen and rear bumper grill included.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-d280bhs-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208713Fri, 22 Dec 2017 16:56:48 UT2018 K-Z Durango Gold G384RLT - Stock #41851https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-gold-g384rlt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208398Stock #41851 - Loaded inside and out! vacuum system, dishwasher, convection microwave, hydraulic leveling and 2nd power awning is just the start. Come take a look at your new camper.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-gold-g384rlt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208398Fri, 22 Dec 2017 15:21:10 UT2019 K-Z Sportsmen 344BH - Stock #41849https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-344bh-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208060Stock #41849 - You'll have so much room, it's like being at home! Kids have their own full sized room with bunks and entertainment area for games or movies on rainy days. Comfort upgrade with fireplace and 2nd A/C prep.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-k-z-sportsmen-344bh-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2208060Fri, 22 Dec 2017 14:55:42 UT2018 K-Z Connect Lite C221RD - Stock #41848https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-connect-lite-c221rd-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2207674Stock #41848 - This small fiberglass sided travel trailer has a unique floor plan and plenty of floor space with the sofa slide out.  The island queen bed is convenient and easy to get around.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-connect-lite-c221rd-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2207674Thu, 21 Dec 2017 19:49:32 UT2018 K-Z Connect C261RB - Stock #41846https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-connect-c261rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2207535Stock #41846 - This lightweight, fiberglass sided camper has great extra's! Upgraded with fireplace, theater seating and a pillow top mattress for extra comfort at the end of the day.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-connect-c261rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2207535Thu, 21 Dec 2017 18:41:57 UT2018 Highland Ridge Open Range Light LF291RLS - Stock #41844https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-highland-ridge-open-range-light-lf291rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2207090Stock #41844 - This fifth wheel can be pulled by most newer 1/2 ton pickups.  The enclosed insulated underbelly helps you camp all year around.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-highland-ridge-open-range-light-lf291rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2207090Wed, 20 Dec 2017 22:35:59 UT2018 K-Z Escape Mini M181SS - Stock #41842https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-escape-mini-m181ss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2206897Stock #41842 - This camper has alot of upgrades to include an "off road package" with mud tires and more ground clearance! Solar prep will also get you out in the more unpopulated areas for all your fun.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-escape-mini-m181ss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2206897Wed, 20 Dec 2017 19:09:27 UT2019 Winnebago Forza 38F - Stock #41840https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-forza-38f-New-diesel-pusher-sd-i2205832Stock #41840 - Luxury inside with upgraded king size bed, master bath and half bath, 4 slide outs include a full wall for tons of room and storage. Ground effect exterior lighting and more storage outside with TV entertainment center. This motor home is a definite must have!https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-forza-38f-New-diesel-pusher-sd-i2205832Tue, 19 Dec 2017 22:59:28 UT2019 Winnebago View 24D - Stock #41839https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-view-24d-New-class-c-sd-i2205829Stock #41839 - This economical and efficient Mercedes turbo diesel will keep you on the road longer, for less money. New floor plan has a Murphy bed so when you're not using it, just fold up for couch underneath and more floor space.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-view-24d-New-class-c-sd-i2205829Tue, 19 Dec 2017 22:18:58 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie Plus 27REOK - Stock #41838https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-plus-27reok-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2204840Stock #41838 - This fifth wheel has a nice open new floor plan with outside kitchen and fridge. Dual entry bathroom adds privacy for master bedroom.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-plus-27reok-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2204840Mon, 18 Dec 2017 21:10:45 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie 2401RG - Stock #41836https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-2401rg-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2204727Stock #41836 - Great floor plan with private bedroom, living room slide out and rear kitchen. Upgraded 30LB propane tanks for extended outings and solar prep if you want to really get away.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-2401rg-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2204727Mon, 18 Dec 2017 20:02:33 UT2019 Winnebago Minnie 2201DS - Stock #41835https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-2201ds-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2204721Stock #41835 - This Minnie has a large rear bathroom and dinette slide out for more floor space. Exterior cook top,sink and fridge for entertaining in warm weather.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-minnie-2201ds-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2204721Mon, 18 Dec 2017 19:41:13 UT2019 Winnebago Micro Minnie 1808FBS - Stock #41834https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-micro-minnie-1808fbs-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2204710Stock #41834 - This Micro Minnie has all you need for a fun getaway. Unique floor plan with corner bathroom and dinette slide out for more room and storage.https://www.dakotarv.com/2019-winnebago-micro-minnie-1808fbs-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2204710Mon, 18 Dec 2017 19:10:34 UT2017 K-Z Escape E160RBT - Stock #41716https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e160rbt-New-expandable-trailer-sd-i2200765Stock #41716 - This light weight fiberglass sided little expandable travel trailer is the perfect floor plan.  You can walk to each bed without crawling over the booth or the sofa. https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e160rbt-New-expandable-trailer-sd-i2200765Wed, 13 Dec 2017 22:46:05 UT2009 Keystone Montana 3465SA - Stock #C1117https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-keystone-montana-3465sa-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i2200582Stock #C1117 - This can be your home away from home! Lots of room with all the amenities for extended play time. This Rear Living Room Fifth Wheel is in great condition.  It also has the enclosed insulated, heated tanks and gate valves.https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-keystone-montana-3465sa-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i2200582Wed, 13 Dec 2017 17:25:37 UT2009 Fleetwood Terra 36T - Stock #C1118https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-fleetwood-terra-36t-Used-class-a-sd-i2173519Stock #C1118 - This Motor Home has a huge bedroom and master bathroom in addition to bathroom beside living room and low miles.  The multiple slide outs amplify the floor space and it's in very good condition.https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-fleetwood-terra-36t-Used-class-a-sd-i2173519Wed, 25 Oct 2017 22:45:34 UT2017 Winnebago Micro Minnie 1706FB - Stock #C1113https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-micro-minnie-1706fb-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2153153Stock #C1113 - This little fiberglass sided tandem axle travel trailer has the front queen bed, is loaded with many extra options and just like new. This camper is under NADA Guide.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-micro-minnie-1706fb-Used-travel-trailer-sd-i2153153Thu, 14 Sep 2017 16:32:53 UT2018 Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31D - Stock #41832https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-minnie-winnie-31d-New-class-c-sd-i2143566Stock #41832 - This new floor plan has the opposing slide outs along with the rear bed slide out giving you ample room to move around.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-minnie-winnie-31d-New-class-c-sd-i2143566Wed, 23 Aug 2017 17:47:08 UT2018 Winnebago Vista 29 VE - Stock #41833https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-vista-29-ve-New-class-a-sd-i2143556Stock #41833 - The full wall slide out in this mid sized Motor Home is impressive and really opens up the floor space.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-vista-29-ve-New-class-a-sd-i2143556Wed, 23 Aug 2017 17:15:43 UT2017 K-Z Sportsmen 231BHLE - Stock #41794https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-231bhle-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2136465Stock #41794 - Enjoy your outside area more with power awning and leave the mess outside in your exterior kitchen with refrigerator!  This little fiberglass sided bunk house travel trailer will make you want to go camping.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-231bhle-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2136465Sat, 05 Aug 2017 15:53:25 UT2017 K-Z Sportsmen Show Stopper S242SBHSS - Stock #41732https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-show-stopper-s242sbhss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2125008Stock #41732 - Nice open floor plan with a slide out for even more room! Spacious bunk beds, power awning and inviting decor will make you feel at home.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-show-stopper-s242sbhss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2125008Thu, 13 Jul 2017 20:19:37 UT2003 Forest River Georgetown 306S - Stock #41736Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2003-forest-river-georgetown-306s-Used-class-a-sd-i2119088Stock #41736A - This used motor home has a new windsheild and was serviced regularly so it's ready for many more adventures!https://www.dakotarv.com/2003-forest-river-georgetown-306s-Used-class-a-sd-i2119088Fri, 30 Jun 2017 16:05:35 UT2018 K-Z Spree 333RIK - Stock #41829https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-spree-333rik-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2092685Stock #41829 - Plush interior with extra storage in kitchen island. Theater seating in living area to lounge after a hard day at play. The extra insulation throughout along with the enclosed insulated and heated underbelly allows you to camp anytime of the year.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-spree-333rik-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2092685Wed, 03 May 2017 18:20:45 UT2017 Winnebago Micro Minnie 2106DS - Stock #41811https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-micro-minnie-2106ds-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2089714Stock #41811 - The Micro Minnie travel trailer offers all the comforts of home in a compact camper. Ample kitchen and sleeping room. Colorful exterior and modern colors on the interior!https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-micro-minnie-2106ds-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2089714Wed, 26 Apr 2017 20:39:32 UT2018 K-Z Spree S261RK - Stock #41822https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-spree-s261rk-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2071711Stock #41822 - Lots of room and a bright interior will make you want to go camping more!https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-spree-s261rk-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2071711Wed, 15 Mar 2017 22:45:49 UT2018 K-Z Escape E201RB - Stock #41821https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-escape-e201rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2068536Stock #41821 - This lightweight camper has a slide out and gives more floor space and amenities.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-escape-e201rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2068536Fri, 10 Mar 2017 14:46:59 UT2017 Winnebago Winnie Drop WD1780 - Stock #41814https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-winnie-drop-wd1780-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2042620Stock #41814 - Compact and still room for family! Lots of storage and kitchen slide out to give extra floor space.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-winnie-drop-wd1780-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2042620Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:59:36 UT2017 Winnebago Winnie Drop WD170K - Stock #41813https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-winnie-drop-wd170k-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2042613Stock #41813 - Small, lightweight camper with extra's! With additional room in a slide out it gives you extra floor space you'll enjoy.  You won't have to worry about low hanging tree branches since this has a one piece fiberglass roof.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-winnie-drop-wd170k-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2042613Mon, 16 Jan 2017 20:37:34 UT2018 Winnebago Minnie Plus 30RLSS - Stock #41807https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-minnie-plus-30rlss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2042583Stock #41807 - Want the lightweight of a Winnebago Minnie "PLUS" more ammenities? Here it is! More storage, living space and features like private bedroom, kitchen island and a bright interior.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-winnebago-minnie-plus-30rlss-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2042583Mon, 16 Jan 2017 18:02:03 UT2018 K-Z Durango 2500 347BHF - Stock #41806https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-2500-347bhf-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2040062Stock #41806 - You will be amazed with the room and upgrades galore in this fifth wheel camper. King size bed, added 1/2 bath for bunk room, bike/cargo tray and all weather package for extended camping seasons.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-2500-347bhf-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2040062Wed, 11 Jan 2017 23:02:37 UT2018 K-Z Durango 1500 D255RKT - Stock #41805https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-d255rkt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2040056Stock #41805 - You may not want to go home after spending time in this camper! Opposing slides create a wide open floor plan and lots of storage inside and out. Warm interior and upgrades for extended outings.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-1500-d255rkt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2040056Wed, 11 Jan 2017 22:19:17 UT2018 K-Z Sidewinder 3511DK - Stock #41804https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-sidewinder-3511dk-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2040048Stock #41804 - This new Toy Hauler has it all! Room for the family, toys and warm evenings on the rear ramp patio. Loaded with extra options to keep you comfortable,https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-sidewinder-3511dk-New-toy-hauler-sd-i2040048Wed, 11 Jan 2017 21:41:05 UT2018 K-Z Durango Gold G380FLF - Stock #41803https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-gold-g380flf-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2037947Stock #41803 - Perfect for full time living or larger living! More of everything in this front living room fifth wheel camper, sleeping, room and entertaining with plush interior.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-durango-gold-g380flf-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2037947Fri, 06 Jan 2017 20:28:55 UT2018 K-Z Spree 261RKC - Stock #41788https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-spree-261rkc-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037916Stock #41788 - Fiberglass exterior with aerodynamic front cap for better towing. Automatic leveling system, enclosed insulated & heated underbelly will get you ready to enjoy camping faster and in cooler weather.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-spree-261rkc-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037916Fri, 06 Jan 2017 18:22:04 UT2017 K-Z Escape E180QB - Stock #41787https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e180qb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037898Stock #41787 - WOW!! This fiberglass sided travel trailer weighs less than 3,000 pounds but still has an island queen bed and all the amenities of home!https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e180qb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037898Fri, 06 Jan 2017 17:36:37 UT2017 K-Z Escape E161RB - Stock #41765https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e161rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037897Stock #41765 - This lightweight small fiberglass sided travel trailer has the permanent front bed with a large window and has nitrogen filled tires.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e161rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037897Fri, 06 Jan 2017 17:28:07 UT2017 K-Z Escape E161RB - Stock #41786https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e161rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037895Stock #41786 - Easy camping fun with this lightweight model. Dinette slide out makes for more floor area and doubles as extra sleeping space. Bright inside with additional daylight from front window if you want.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-escape-e161rb-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037895Fri, 06 Jan 2017 17:18:30 UT2017 K-Z Sportsmen 260BHLE - Stock #41792https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-260bhle-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037226Stock #41792 - This compact fiberglass sided bunk house travel trailer weighs less than 5,000 pounds but will sleep your whole family just fine.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-260bhle-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2037226Thu, 05 Jan 2017 18:36:31 UT2018 K-Z Sportsmen 293RL - Stock #41798https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-sportsmen-293rl-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2033793Stock #41798 - You're going to love this open floor plan and the awesome counter space is handy for preparing meals or snacks.  The insulated heated and enclosed underbelly helps extend your camping season!https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-sportsmen-293rl-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2033793Thu, 29 Dec 2016 23:14:53 UT2017 Highland Ridge Light LF268TS - Stock #41770https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-light-lf268ts-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2033781Stock #41770 - This wide body lighter weight fifth wheel has an abundant amount of floor space with opposing slide outs and the island in the kitchen gives you extra counter space. The heated and enclosed underbelly is zero degree tested to help keep you warm in the cooler months.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-light-lf268ts-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i2033781Thu, 29 Dec 2016 21:29:13 UT2017 Highland Ridge Light LT321BHTS - Stock #41771https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-light-lt321bhts-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2030233Stock #41771 - The slide out in this bunk bed bedroom gives you plenty of floor space and the outside kitchen keeps the mess out of your travel trailer.  This four season trailer has many extra features and options to keep you comfortable so you can camp long before and after the summer months.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-light-lt321bhts-New-travel-trailer-sd-i2030233Thu, 22 Dec 2016 15:16:34 UT2008 Excel Rebel Trekker 26TRW - Stock #41584Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2008-excel-rebel-trekker-26trw-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1979869Stock #41584A - This mid sized fiberglass sided fifth wheel is very well built, well equipped and in very good condition.  The enclosed insulated heated tanks will help keep you from freezing in the cold months. https://www.dakotarv.com/2008-excel-rebel-trekker-26trw-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1979869Sat, 01 Oct 2016 20:58:37 UT2017 Winnebago View 24V - Stock #41751https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-view-24v-New-class-c-sd-i1974346Stock #41751 - This newly redesigned twin bed diesel mini home is well equipped with solar, infotainment center/GPS and many more options.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-view-24v-New-class-c-sd-i1974346Thu, 22 Sep 2016 16:26:37 UT2017 Winnebago View 24J - Stock #41750https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-view-24j-New-class-c-sd-i1973659Stock #41750 - This very popular small diesel Mini Home has all the comforts in a smaller space. It also has the Collision Avoidance System and the heated drainage system for cooler weather. https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-view-24j-New-class-c-sd-i1973659Wed, 21 Sep 2016 17:32:16 UT2017 Highland Ridge Light LT216RBS - Stock #41745https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-light-lt216rbs-New-travel-trailer-sd-i1952032Stock #41745 - This late model 1/2 ton towable fiberglass travel trailer has opposing slide outs give\ing you plenty of floor space.  The R38 insulation and enclosed heated tanks and gate valves allows you to camper in the cold weather.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-light-lt216rbs-New-travel-trailer-sd-i1952032Sat, 13 Aug 2016 21:19:24 UT2017 Winnebago Forza 36G - Stock #41752https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-forza-36g-New-diesel-pusher-sd-i1947159Stock #41752 - This classic front living room diesel pusher motor home will have you traveling in style with plenty of power and won't break the bank.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-forza-36g-New-diesel-pusher-sd-i1947159Sat, 06 Aug 2016 18:08:55 UT2018 K-Z Venom 3911TK - Stock #41819https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-venom-3911tk-New-toy-hauler-sd-i1904919Stock #41819 - This toy hauler has many extra options to help you have fun and enjoy the outdoors.  The 11' garage has enough room to take most of your toys and features a three season patio door.https://www.dakotarv.com/2018-k-z-venom-3911tk-New-toy-hauler-sd-i1904919Thu, 19 May 2016 20:07:11 UT2017 Winnebago Voyage 28SGS - Stock #41733https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-voyage-28sgs-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1877897Stock #41733 - This fiberglass sided new floor plan has the popular opposing slide outs and a TV that can be seen from every seat in the camper.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-winnebago-voyage-28sgs-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1877897Fri, 25 Mar 2016 18:16:19 UT2017 K-Z Sportsmen S235RK - Stock #41725https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-s235rk-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1861663Stock #41725 - This small fiberglass sided fifth wheel has nice counter space along with a open and spacious bathroom.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-k-z-sportsmen-s235rk-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1861663Thu, 18 Feb 2016 16:33:23 UT2016 K-Z Durango 2500 D325RLT - Stock #41696https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-k-z-durango-2500-d325rlt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1837530Stock #41696 - This open floor plan has two large opposing slide outs giving you extra floor space. The extra insulation package and dual pane windows help you stay warmer in the colder months.https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-k-z-durango-2500-d325rlt-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1837530Tue, 22 Dec 2015 22:54:14 UT2017 Highland Ridge Roamer RT292RLS - Stock #41741https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-roamer-rt292rls-New-travel-trailer-sd-i1837412Stock #41741 - This fiberglass side travel trailer has the extra insulation along with dual pane windows to help keep you warmer in the cold weather.https://www.dakotarv.com/2017-highland-ridge-roamer-rt292rls-New-travel-trailer-sd-i1837412Tue, 22 Dec 2015 16:00:35 UT2016 Highland Ridge Open Range 3X 3X378RLS - Stock #41680https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-highland-ridge-open-range-3x-3x378rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1833565Stock #41680 - This four season fifth wheel has some of the thickest walls in the industry.  Along with the wide body and deeper slides out you get a very spacious living area with all the comforts of home.https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-highland-ridge-open-range-3x-3x378rls-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1833565Thu, 10 Dec 2015 22:56:16 UT2008 Excel Limited 36FLR - Stock #41620Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2008-excel-limited-36flr-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1762675Stock #41620A - This unique rear kitchen has it's own door and is ready for some full time living with the enclosed insulated, heated underbelly and fiberglass roof.https://www.dakotarv.com/2008-excel-limited-36flr-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1762675Tue, 21 Jul 2015 20:25:49 UT2016 Winnebago Latitude 34RG - Stock #41630https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-winnebago-latitude-34rg-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1623584Stock #41630 - This plush and unique rear kitchen has an abundant amount of cabinets and counter space for the cook.  This fifth wheel has many options and is a four season unit with the extreme weather package with the 12V heat pads.https://www.dakotarv.com/2016-winnebago-latitude-34rg-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1623584Thu, 09 Apr 2015 23:31:42 UT2015 Winnebago Latitude 33CK - Stock #41587https://www.dakotarv.com/2015-winnebago-latitude-33ck-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1299656Stock #41587 - Check out the new Winnebago Fifth Wheel with the extreme weather package, 12V heat pads, memory foam mattress, leather furniture plus much more.  This Fifth Wheel will keep you very comfortable all year long.https://www.dakotarv.com/2015-winnebago-latitude-33ck-New-fifth-wheel-sd-i1299656Thu, 14 Aug 2014 14:48:42 UT2009 Keystone Montana 3075RL - Stock #41518Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2009-keystone-montana-3075rl-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1289391Stock #41518A - This rear living room fifth wheel is well equipped and extra clean, must see to appreciate!https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-keystone-montana-3075rl-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1289391Tue, 05 Aug 2014 23:25:43 UT2015 K-Z Inferno 3712T - Stock #41566https://www.dakotarv.com/2015-k-z-inferno-3712t-New-toy-hauler-sd-i1277769Stock #41566 - This innovative toy hauler is loaded with extra equipment and options. The partial paint gives it good eye appeal and the 12' garage gives you plenty of room to take your toys!https://www.dakotarv.com/2015-k-z-inferno-3712t-New-toy-hauler-sd-i1277769Fri, 25 Jul 2014 22:11:11 UT2009 Heartland RV Bighorn 3370RL - Stock #41569Ahttps://www.dakotarv.com/2009-heartland-rv-bighorn-3370rl-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1247613Stock #41569A - This rear living room fifth wheel has opposing slide allowing for a spacious living room.  This camper is in very good condition and has the enclosed heated holding tanks and Dual Pane windows to help keep you warmer in the winter weather.https://www.dakotarv.com/2009-heartland-rv-bighorn-3370rl-Used-fifth-wheel-sd-i1247613Wed, 25 Jun 2014 21:18:41 UT